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Delhi faces bomb threats: Nearly 100 schools targeted; Home Ministry labels it as hoax

An ongoing examination at one of the schools had to be halted midway due to the commencement of search operations.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 01st 2024 09:22 AM -- Updated: May 01st 2024 11:55 AM
Delhi faces bomb threats: Nearly 100 schools targeted; Home Ministry labels it as hoax

Delhi faces bomb threats: Nearly 100 schools targeted; Home Ministry labels it as hoax

PTC News Desk: Multiple schools in Delhi and Noida found themselves in the grip of panic and uncertainty as they received alarming bomb threats via email, prompting swift evacuations and disrupting daily activities. Police forces promptly mobilised to conduct extensive search operations across the affected premises.

The gravity of the situation became apparent as prominent institutions such as Sanskriti School in Chanakyapuri, Mother Mary School in Mayur Vihar, and Delhi Public School in Dwarka were among the initial targets of the threatening emails. Subsequently, reports emerged indicating that nearly 100 other schools had also fallen victim to similar threats, heightening tensions across the region.

Despite rigorous search efforts by the authorities, no incriminating evidence or suspicious items have been discovered thus far. Delhi Police spokesperson, Suman Nalwa, reassured the public, urging parents to remain calm amidst the unfolding situation.

Delhi Police intensified their investigative efforts, striving to trace the origin of the threatening emails and identify the perpetrators responsible for instigating widespread fear and disruption. The cybercrime unit joined the pursuit, deploying advanced techniques to track the elusive IP addresses associated with the menacing communications.

The urgency of the situation was underscored by incidents such as the interruption of an ongoing examination at Mother Mary School, compelling authorities to swiftly enact emergency protocols and evacuate students and staff from the premises.

In a bid to prioritise student safety, Delhi Public School promptly informed parents of the imminent threat via email and initiated the immediate dispersal of students as a precautionary measure. Visuals from the affected schools depicted scenes of frantic parents rushing to collect their children amidst the unfolding chaos.

Responding to the crisis, specialised units including bomb detection teams, bomb disposal squads, and personnel from the Delhi Fire Service were deployed to the targeted schools to bolster security measures and provide reassurance to the anxious community.

Delhi's Education Minister, Atishi, issued a statement acknowledging the severity of the situation while assuring the public that no tangible threats had materialised thus far. Emphasising the importance of vigilance and cooperation, she urged citizens to remain calm and assured that authorities were diligently working to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

The unsettling episode evoked memories of a similar incident in February when a bomb threat at Delhi Police School in RK Puram was ultimately deemed a hoax, highlighting the disruptive potential of such malicious acts on educational institutions and communities at large.

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