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Umbrellas out again: Shimla gets fresh spell of rain after few days of respite

Written by  Shgun S -- August 29th 2023 01:20 AM
Umbrellas out again: Shimla gets fresh spell of rain after few days of respite

Umbrellas out again: Shimla gets fresh spell of rain after few days of respite

Himachal Pradesh Rains: After a few days of respite, Himachal Pradesh's Shimla received rainfall again on Monday.

Shimla residents are tired of the flooding and rain and are eager for it to cease. People were also terrified since they had witnessed a calamity.

“During the recent rainfall there have been huge damages and rain and flood disaster has created havoc across the state. There was a respite from the rain during the past two to three days, today it is raining again, and now there is a sense of fear. Now we hope all gets well, rain steppes, and things get normal soon. I was not carrying an umbrella today as the weather was getting pleasant here, the sudden rain has created problems,” a local resident remarked.

The locals working in the horse riding business here in Shimla City's Ridge Madaan are also unhappy because the recent rain has caused problems and aroused a sense of anxiety in them.

“The heavy rainfall recently has created problems. People are forced to leave their houses as the rain has ruined everything. Here we also did not have any jobs. During the past few days, we had resumed our horse riding business and people had started coming here. But today heavy rain has created fear among us and we hope the weather gets clear and things get well,” a local horseman stated.

Earlier, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said on Sunday that the state had been ravaged by recent heavy rain and landslides, but that tireless efforts were being made to repair vital roadways and other essential services.

"Temporary roads are swiftly being constructed to facilitate the transportation of agricultural and horticultural produce, minimizing financial losses for farmers," the CM added.

In Himachal Pradesh, heavy rains have caused numerous landslides and cloudbursts. According to the State Disaster Management Authority, at least 367 people have died in rain-related incidents in Himachal Pradesh this year since the start of the monsoon.

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