Trump rejects blame for Capitol riot, calls rally ‘totally appropriate’

Hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters had stormed the U.S. Capitol in order to overturn his election defeat on Jan 7.

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Now, President Donald Trump has rejected any responsibility for the deadly storming of the US Capitol by his supporters last week, he called remarks he delivered during a rally outside the White House before the attack “totally appropriate” and warned the lawmakers not to impeach him a second time.

Trump on Tuesday said it’s “absolutely ridiculous” that the House is moving rapidly to impeach him for inciting an insurrection, saying the effort is causing “tremendous anger.”

The President defended remarks he made at a rally at the Ellipse that preceded the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.




Trump said at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington, “People thought that what I said was totally appropriate, and if you look at what other people have said, politicians at a high level, about the riots during the summer, the horrible riots in Portland and Seattle and various other places, that was a real problem, what they said,”

“It’s really a terrible thing they’re doing,” Trump said at the White House, before boarding the presidential helicopter to the airbase.

He also said that “Big Tech has made a terrible mistake” in banning him from social media.

Woman dies after shooting in U.S. Capitol , Public emergency extended in Washington for 15 days

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Democrats and several Republicans have decried Trump’s role in inciting a mob that went on to force its way into the Capitol in a chaotic scene that left five people dead.

The House is set to issue a largely futile ultimatum to Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday, demanding he invoke constitutional authority to remove Trump from office.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to go through with a vote on a single article of impeachment as soon as Wednesday.

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