New Covid-19 variant surfaces in UK, 16 cases reported so far

Despite a hike in Covid-19 cases, the restrictions have been lifted in the UK this week

By Rajan Nath - July 26, 2021 12:07 pm

New Covid-19 variant in the UK: The UK has recently identified a new variant of coronavirus which is being investigated after 16 confirmed cases were reported in the United Kingdom.

The new strain has been designated as a variant under investigation, a report stated, adding that the variant is known as B.1.621. There have been no proper details about this variant.

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A New Covid Variant Is Being Investigated In The U.K. After Being Detected In Countries Including The U.S. And Japan

Likewise, there has been no evidence regarding the effectiveness of vaccines against the new variant of coronavirus.

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It is pertinent to mention that the B.1.621 variant of SARS-CoV-2 might be a new Covid-19 variant in the UK but it is not new to the world. Earlier in January, Colombia had identified the B.1.621 variant.

A report stated that most of the new cases were linked to overseas travel. However, there has been no evidence of community transmission in the UK.

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The Covid-19 situation in the United Kingdom deteriorated in the last few weeks due to the Delta variant of the virus. Despite a hike in Covid-19 cases, the restrictions have been lifted in the UK this week. On Saturday, Britain reported 31,794 cases of COVID-19.

Reportedly, the R rate of coronavirus in the UK is around 1.2 and 1.4. It means one infected person can spread the infection to more than one person.

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