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The shaping power of social media: A reflection on its impact on our lives

Written by  Jasleen Kaur -- August 26th 2023 07:41 PM -- Updated: August 26th 2023 07:51 PM
The shaping power of social media: A reflection on its impact on our lives

The shaping power of social media: A reflection on its impact on our lives

PTC Web Desk: The rise of social media has unquestionably transformed the structure of our society, bringing forth notable progress alongside worrisome dilemmas. With its ability to establish connections on an unprecedented level, it becomes crucial to openly analyse the impact of this trend on our daily existence.

Social media — an omnipresent force

One striking observation is the way social media has become an omnipresent force, seemingly dictating our behaviour. It's disheartening to acknowledge that we often find ourselves enslaved by its allure. At social gatherings or family events, it's increasingly common to witness people more engrossed in their phones than in face-to-face interactions. The addiction to constant notifications, likes, and shares has subtly eroded the quality of our personal connections.

Havoc with kids' lives

Another concerning aspect is the significant role social media plays in our children's lives. The young minds of today are growing up in a digital era, spending considerable time glued to screens. This has led to a generation of children who are hooked on virtual worlds, potentially impacting their cognitive and emotional development.

A call for prudent posting

Immediate need to share every life event on social media has brought about a disturbing trend. Major accidents are occurring because individuals are prioritising updating their statuses over their own safety. The urge to instantly broadcast moments can have dire consequences, reinforcing the need for a balanced perspective.

Detachment from real-world

The impact on the younger generation's behaviour is equally worrisome. The virtual realm has, in some cases, fostered aggression and stubbornness. The virtual anonymity sometimes associated with social media interactions can lead to a sense of detachment from real-world consequences, giving rise to behaviours that might not manifest in face-to-face scenarios.

Erosion of traditional mealtime bonding

Families, once united over meals, are now witnessing a shift in dynamics. The allure of scrolling through timelines has led to a decline in face-to-face conversations. As a result, the cherished tradition of sharing a meal around the dinner table is slowly fading away.

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