PM Modi speaks at the felicitation programme of newly elected BJP President JP Nadda

BJP President JP Nadda Felicitation Programme , PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday spoke up at the felicitation programme of newly elected BJP President JP Nadda, at the BJP headquarters. PM Modi said that “From the beginning itself, party has had the tendency to expand horizontally with the vertical development of the workers – the workers of the party develop and the party expands.”

PM Modi added that “Nadda ji is an old friend. A party worker walks ahead with the duties given to him and shoulders his responsibilities to the best of his abilities. I have seen Nadda ji doing that very well.”

Also, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “I am confident that under his (#JPNadda) leadership, party will go ahead by abiding its basic principles and ideologies. We will have to face more challenges than what we faced as a political party in the opposition.”

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Meanwhile, the Prime Minister added that “There are people who dislike the principles which guide us. Our problems aren’t because we’re doing something wrong, it’s because people of this country are blessing us. Those rejected by public in elections are left with very few weapons, one of them is-spread ‘misinformation’.”

Sukhbir Badal and Harsimrat Badal congratulate BJP President JP Nadda

Likewise, newly elected BJP President JP Nadda said, “A simple worker like me, who didn’t have a political background, who hails from a remote place in Himachal Pradesh – if someone like me is being given this responsibility then it is the speciality of BJP and it is possible only in BJP.”

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