This Netflix series highlights the black past of US President Donald Trump

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This Netflix series highlights the black past of US President Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump has once again decided to contest the Presidential elections 2020. Donald Trump will be contesting from the Republican Party. As Donald Trump announced that he will contest the Presidential elections, there is a series of Netflix which is making rounds on social media. The Netflix series exposes the of America in which the legal system of the United States was ashamed.

The Netflix series is based on the five black youths who were forcibly imprisoned in jail on the charges of raping a white woman. So, what is the connection between the Netflix series and US President Donald Trump? There was an incident in New York’s Central Park on April 19, 1989, when a white woman was raped and beaten up while she was on jogging. There were 30-40 children nearby who were teenagers between 13 to 16 years.

Now the Netflix series is also named as When They See Us. When the incident took place, 30-40 children were suspected out of which 5 were detained. Those five detained were pressurized, beaten and forcibly their statement was recorded that they raped that white woman and beaten her.

When the incident catches fuel and revolves around the street with people demanding justice for women and takes strict action against those five, who were detained. Then, came then a businessman and current US President Donald Trump.

Trump published an advertisement in the newspaper where he appealed to give death sentence to the kids. Also, Donald Trump asked for bringing back justice and bring back the law of death sentence to all the age-kinds. Therefore, the American-African people protested against Donald Trump.

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“When They See Us” appeared recently, and the question was asked to Donald Trump, to which he refused to apologize. The Netflix series When They See Us have got people attention and those against Donald Trump are slamming him for the same. Also, the Black vs white is again in the headlines as When They See Us have emerged among the US citizens.

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