Yellow dust from China could spread Covid-19: North Korea warns people to stay inside

Yellow dust from China could spread Covid-19: North Korea warns

North Korea warned its citizens to remain indoors over fears that yellow dust from China could carry COVID-19 with it.

As per the report, the Yellow dust refers to a sand from Mongolian and Chinese deserts that blows into the Korean Peninsula and the parts of Japan.

Yellow Dust Storms: Information - Mujigae City

Reportedly, the dust carries industrial pollutants, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and heavy metals, that may lead to respiratory issues.

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North Korea’s official party newspaper Rodong Sinmun, on Thursday, said that as COVID-19 infections continue to spread across the world, it has become more crucial to deal with the yellow dust and take precautionary measures.

North Korea: Chinese yellow dust could bring Covid-19 into the country

The North Korean newspaper also stated that the citizens should refrain from outdoor activities and must wear masks while going outside.

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North Korea is the only country that has reported no confirmed cases of the COVID-19, a claim that is questioned by the health experts.

China's Yellow Dust Storms Begin, Data Called a "State Secret" | WIRED

The country has imposed strict border controls and quarantine measures to prevent the spread of novel virus. According to the analysts, the outbreak could be devastating for economically and politically isolated country.

educareOn Thursday, the Russian embassy in North Korea wrote on Facebook that North Korea had ordered all the visitors to the country and its staff to wait out the dust storm inside.

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